&Open alternative

&Open Alternative for Branded Goods in Europe

Explore warehouse regions, pricing, catalog diversity - key features that are crucial for informed decision-making

When it comes to corporate gifting, you have two main options: handling everything yourself or using one of the popular platforms.

Maramio and &Open are both great choices for branded swag with warehousing that can take care of everything, but which one is better? Here's a quick comparison between them in terms of the regions they offer, selection and merchandise availability, as well as their pricing structure!

Maramio vs &Open catalog

Maramio &Open

Indie brands/ Direct-to-consumer brands

Curated catalogue

Number of products



Branded goods

Enterprise only


Enterprise only

Office Supplies

Enterprise only


Enterprise only

Home supply

Enterprise only

Food & beverage

Maramio vs &Open warehousing

Maramio &Open

International shipping

North America warehousing

Europe warehousing

Asia warehousing

Maramio vs &Open pricing

Maramio &Open

Account management



Subscription price if you store branded gifts


$12000 per year

Warehousing per month


Included in the subscription

Assembling per pack


Included in the subscription

Shipping rate range for 1 kg in European countries



Join companies that empower their operations with Maramio gifting platform

Unload your marketing and HR team

Choosing the perfect gift for employees, clients, or business partners can be a time-consuming and challenging task. That's why Maramio has already curated a collection of great gifts that are suitable for different occasions and budgets.

Human-centric gifting platform with a human-driven support

We offer a personal support service that connects you with a human curator who can help you select the perfect gift for your employees, clients, or business partners. By prioritizing human-centric brands as our suppliers, we can ensure that our gift collections reflect our values and support a better future for people and the planet.

Affordable European Delivery with Flexible Pricing

With our unbeatable prices, you can enjoy cost-effective shipping options that can fit your budget and needs. Moreover, we use a flexible pricing system that allows you to pay only for what you use. The cost automatically adjusts as stock levels change, ensuring that you never pay more than necessary.

The best corporate gifts tool on the market

Quick, reliable & qualitative

I ordered 70 backpacks with a logo print as corporate gifts, and the customer service was quick and very kind. They provided visual mockups to check the final result and also suggested printing in another area that would fit better with our logo, without charging extra even though it was more expensive. The backpacks are from Ucon Acrobatics, so they are of high quality, and the printing process was done carefully, resulting in an excellent final product. I am fully satisfied and highly recommend this service!

Amazing products & customer service

We are extremely satisfied with Maramio's service. We would recommend their services not only for their products, which are of very good quality, but also for their exceptional customer service. The team is quick to respond, efficient, flexible, and offers excellent ideas and solutions, especially Maria, the Maramio person we were in contact with throughout the entire process. Thank you for everything, Maria!

Good gin

The product we received was excellent and the delivery was in excellent condition.

At least I think it was excellent since I don't remember much.

Review source: Trustpilot

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