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Streamline design and ideation process

Unleash ideas and craft creative concepts together with our expert team knowing everything about printing techniques

Discover wholesalers and indie brands

Source wide range of products from established wholesalers and emerging indie brands that match your company values

Store your swag in our warehouse

Logistics made simple: store your merchandise in our warehouse for easy management and shipping

The full-service process

Choose from a diverse selection of branded merchandise from multiple supplier and easily combine them in one cart.
Specify your product quantities, submit your design request and confirm your order.

Choose shipping to our warehouse to leverage storage and international shipping. Use our centralized platform for your ongoing merchandise campaigns. 

Remove the guesswork of what your receivers want to get - let them choose the gift from your personalized catalogue.

Warehousing and shipping

Whether you've found goods on the Maramio platform or elsewhere, we'll make sure they reach the right destination quickly and hassle-free. From storing your items to assembling them and shipping them off — let us take care of all that!

Testimonials and case studies

  • Rania Lamprou


    Loved the communication and support we received throughout the whole process. There is a great variety of products, every item I received is of great quality.
    Paulina Wrobel


    Supportive and fast in replies from the very beginning which made the whole process smooth and hassle-free. Good quality products with many branding options available
    Monica Rodriguez


    We would recommend their services not only for their product, which is of very good quality. But also for the service. The team is very quick to respond, very efficient and offers very good solutions

Our delivered projects

Create a gift box

Create a custom gift box for multiple recipients

Order in bulk

Individual product delivered to one destination

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