Who we are

Maramio is your go-to solution for finding, assembling, and delivering branded gifts to your employees and partners. We're a female-led business that uses technology to streamline our operations while still maintaining a personal touch - you'll always talk to a real person when you reach out to us.

Are Maramio products sustainable?

Although we wish branded merchandise didn't harm the environment, the reality is that they all have some degree of impact. Instead of expecting our suppliers to label themselves with sustainable claims, we advocate for brands to be transparent and truthful about their production methods and supply chains.

We're committed to working with suppliers who prioritize the environment, social awareness, and good corporate governance (ESG principles). This means taking steps to lower emissions, reduce waste production, promote diversity in their workforce, and practice overall transparency. As an example, we offer various filters in our corporate gifting catalog such as FSC-certified, recycled, or vegan products. We aim to make it clearer for you so that you as a consumer can make informed decisions on what brand you should buy.

How does Maramio work?

Choose swag, add a brand design if needed, upload a list of recipients, and track delivery for one or multiple destinations.

Here’s what makes Maramio unique :

  • Choose between dozens of vendors. Whether you prefer classic or niche branded goods, we've got you covered.
  • Let your team and partners choose what they want. We will power a custom-branded redeem page with pre-selected swag for you. Less waste, happier receivers.
  • Checkout easily. We aggregate all vendors on one invoice.
  • Find the perfect vendor for your needs using our filters and review system (soon).

Will Maramio suit my needs?

We are best for companies with 100 or more employees in two or more EU countries. Our warehouse is located in Germany, delivering your packages worldwide. You can expect competitive prices optimized for European gift distribution, especially when some of your destinations are in the Central European region. With our pay-as-you-go model and fair rates for fulfillment operations, you'll have full control over the budget.

"I know how challenging it can be to prepare branded gifts, as I've been there myself as a marketing professional. I remember spending days searching for vendors, comparing prices and shipping options, and even personally assembling and shipping packages. That's why I created Maramio, to simplify the logistics of gifting so you can focus on the sentiment".

Maria, the founder of Maramio